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My name is Ashley Ingiosi, and I started as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Neuroscience at Ohio State University in October 2022. My current research focuses on the role of astrocytes in sleep and sleep homeostasis. This research is funded, in part, by a BRAIN Initiative K99/R00.


  • Sleep & Sleep Homeostasis

  • Astrocytes

  • Neuronal-glial interactions

  • Neuroinflammation

  • In vivo imaging

  • Autism



​PhD in Neuroscience, 2015

University of Michigan

​BS in Biopsychology & Cognitive Science and General Biology, 2006

University of Michigan​

A role for astroglial calcium in mammalian sleep and sleep regulation

Ingiosi AM, Hayworth CR, Harvey DO, Singletary KG, Rempe MJ, Wisor JP, Frank MG (2020) Current Biology 30:4373-4383.e7

Video shows astrocyte activity in the brain during non-rapid eye movement sleep (NREMS), rapid eye movement sleep (REMS) and wakefulness (WAKE) as captured with a genetically encoded calcium indicator and miniscope. Video shown is 16x faster than normal speed.
A quick discussion of our main findings can be found here.

News &


The Ingiosi Lab opened in October 2022 in the Department of Neuroscience at The Ohio State University!!! Stay tuned for a lab website.
FEBS_graphical abstract_nobkgd.png
Graphical abstract from Goodnight, astrocyte: waking up to astroglial mechanisms in sleep, The FEBS Journal.
Check out our new preprint showing that basal forebrain astrocytes can induce wakefulness without compensatory responses in sleep drive.
Our study exploring the role of astroglial modulation of sleep expression and homeostasis via noradrenergic signaling is published in Clocks & Sleep.
A quick discussion of our main findings can be found here.
Our review on the latest research on astroglial contributions to sleep and sleep homeostasis is in press at The FEBS Journal.

Recent & Upcoming Presentations

Advances in our Understanding of Neural Activity During REM Sleep
June 5, 2023
Symposium at SLEEP 2023
Leadership Development Workshop
June 3, 2023
Talk at SLEEP 2023 (Invited)
Activating astroglial Gq-protein-coupled pathways in basal forebrain promotes wakefulness without increasing sleep propensity
March 2023
Poster at Gordon Research Conference on Glial Biology: Functional Interactions Among Glia and Neurons
Sleeping under the stars: astrocyte contributions to sleep
June 21, 2022
Researcher Sleep and the Brain series (Invited)
- About the cover image -
A pseudocolored max projection image of astrocytes expressing a genetically encoded calcium indicator in vivo (unpublished). Not to be shared without permission.
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